Visual Novel Tycoon

The Team

Visual Novel Tycoon was created by the great talents of these cool people:

  • Writing (the writer path): Applegate – iihigate
  • Writing (the artist path): Maelstrom-Fenrir – Black Witch Project
  • Writing (the coder path): KomiTsuku – IDHAS Studios
  • Character art: chocojax – spaceNote
  • Coding, BG & GUI art: leon
  • Coding & GUI art: jghibiki – jghibiki Games
  • Coding: DragoonHP
  • Composer & stunt double: Marc Straight – Sound Cloud
  • Special thanks: Omnificent, The Zerglinator, 15385bic (free character art), mugenjohncel (free character art and backgrounds)

Please note that we are not a permanent team. We teamed up specifically to make this game for NaNoRenO 2014. If you would like to see more of each member’s works, please find them at their respective websites.

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